Who We Support


Through Voices of Hope and Mennonite Central Committee (MCC), you can help to provide educational support for children in nearly 40 countries. MCC is working with 90 creative education programs, responding to the needs of over 45,000 young people around the world.

This is community-based education. Local communities determine their own needs and create programs to address them. In some places, school supplies equip children for success. In others, lunch programs help children focus on school instead of hunger. In still others, continuing education for teachers improves classroom learning.

Education sponsorship programs focus on supporting individual children. MCC takes a different approach. We partner with carefully selected community organizations in order to benefit a greater number of students. Many are schools, preschools, after-school programs and vocational training initiatives rooted in a local church or community group.

Community-based education builds up communities, fosters ownership, reduces dependency, avoids jealousy among individual students and is very cost-effective.

Why does education matter?
Education changes lives. It inspires imagination. It teaches leadership skills. It gives students tools to find a good job or to start a business. Young people are able to support themselves; many help to support their parents. They become role models. Quality of life improves in their families, and quality of education improves in their school communities. Little by little, education can reverse poverty, repel violence and offer all sorts of opportunities.

Please join us!  Everyone with a generous heart can get involved in this effort. School and church groups give, too. Education is a small way to make a big difference in the world. The children you inspire will become the nurses, teachers, artists and engineers of tomorrow.

When children learn, communities benefit and lives change. It works!