About Global Family

Global Family provides education support from Mennonite Central Committee (MCC). We work with more than 100 creative educational programs in over 40 countries. Each year, thousands of individuals, families and churches join Global Family to meet educational needs for over 45,000 young people.


What makes Global Family special? 
Often education programs focus on sponsoring individual children. Global Family takes a different approach. We reach tens of thousands of children by partnering with carefully selected community organizations. Many are schools, preschools, after-school programs and vocational training initiatives from a wide variety of Christian denominations.

This is community-based education 
Local communities determine their own needs and create programs to address them. In some places, school supplies equip children for success. In others, lunch programs help children focus on school instead of hunger. In still others, continuing education for teachers improves classroom learning.

Community-based education reduces dependency, fosters a sense of ownership, avoids jealousy among individual students and is very cost-effective. For $1 a day, Global Family can improve the quality of education for five children.

Why does education matter?
Education changes lives. It inspires imagination. It teaches leadership skills. It gives students tools to find a good job—or to start a business. Young people are able to support themselves. They become role models. Many help to support their parents. Their families’ quality of life improves. As families improve, a whole community can blossom. Little by little, education reverses poverty and repels violence. Education heals the wounds of war.

Please join us! 

Global Family is funded by over 4,000 caring people like you. Our doors are open to everyone with a generous heart. School and church groups give, too. Education is a small way to make a big difference in the world. For $25 a month ($300 a year) you can transform young lives in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, North America or the Middle East. The children you inspire will become the nurses, teachers, artists and engineers of tomorrow.

When children learn, communities benefit. Lives change. It works!